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Please note that only meat hunting permits are taken out for your hunt, and NOT any trophy hunting permits.

Should anyone be interested in hunting a trophy, it should be communicated and approved by Danene at least two weeks before the commencement of your hunt. No trophy permits will be taken out after the hunt has taken place.

Each meat hunter will need an Invitation to Hunt from Aru Game Lodges. Please complete this form asap, save it as a pdf file and send it back to Danene. This invitation might be requested by customs at your arrival at Hosea Kutako. Most importantly, this invitation is required for each hunter to apply for a meat import permit.

Please download the Meat Import Permit application below and apply for the import of your meat as soon as possible, as this has become quite a tedious process. Danene will need all the original import permits before the processed meat can be sent to South Africa. Please follow the exact procedures described on this link.

Please note: Port of entry is either Vioolsdrift when you are a resident in the Cape region, or Nakop when you are a Gauteng resident. Please email the document to Danene asap.

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