Meet Our Professional Hunters (PH’s)

Gysbert van der Westhuyzen

Gysbert has over 16 years professional hunting experience. He is an excellent guide and has a fantastic knowledge of animal behavior. He is skilled in locating eland, kudu, mountain zebra, etc. He is a patient stalker and guide, with guaranteed success in the field – especially in dangerous game concessions. He gets excited about every trophy a hunter shoots with him. You’d better be fit to keep up with him. He will take you far, in every aspect.

Danene van der Westhuyzen

Danene is one of only a few qualified female professional hunters in Namibia, and the first female dangerous game PH ever to qualify in Namibia. She loves the outdoors and is passionate about ethical hunting and bringing the big one home. She is a skilled bow hunter so bring your knee pads! She also has an enthusiasm for educating the hunter in all aspects. She was voted president of the Namibia Professional Hunting Association in 2016, the first woman worldwide to hold a position like this in the hunting industry.

President of Namibian Professional Hunting Association.

Chairperson of Outfitters and Professional Hunting Associations of Africa.

Benjamin Skrywer

Benjamin has more than 12 years experience in professional guiding. He loves to walk and stalk, sharing interesting sightings with the group. He is a calm and encouraging PH. He is knowledgeable on every bird species found on our two game farms.

Stefaans Matlatla

Stefaans is an excellent tracker. He always knows where and when to find specific animals. He has impressive knowledge of the big game on Veronica, and will lead you to within a few meters of them without them even noticing your presence.

Amon Taseb

Amon is a spirited young hunter, with loads of experience. He passed his theoretical hunting guide examinations in 2009 with flying colors. He is a real people person, and enjoys a good laugh with his fellow hunters. He loves crawling up to within really close range of his target.

Zana Botes

Zana is our operational hunting manager and will make sure that all your permits, taxidermy work, and daily hunting activities will run according to the same 5-star standards as the rest of our services. He has a business degree from the University of Johannesburg. Hunting has been a part of his upbringing in every sense, and his hunting philosophy is clearly evident in his passion for conservation and wildlife. He is a true ambassador, and an asset on the Aru team.

Lourens Venter

Lourens grew up nurturing wildlife, and honing his hunting skills. In 2011, he turned his lifelong passion for wildlife and hunting into a career, and enjoys every minute of his work. His enthusiastic nature makes for great companionship during a hunt, where it also becomes evident that he is an outstanding and knowledgeable guide. His flexibility, maturity, and willingness to always go the extra mile for his clients, will ensure that you have a truly memorable experience.

Derek MacKinnon

Derek grew up on a cattle farm in Namibia and has always had a passion for nature. He first completed his studies in Agricultural Management, then went into managing an electrical company in Windhoek for many years. In 2014, his family encouraged him to pursue his dream, and resultantly qualified as a professional hunting guide. He is an enthusiastic hunter, with a profound love for nature and people. Derek has a firm belief in ethical hunting and strives to give each client the best hunting experience.

Sabine MacKinnon

Sabine is trilingual. She is fluent in speaking English, German and Afrikaans. She has always loved the outdoors and the wildlife. She enjoys meeting multinational people, from all walks of life. She can strike up a conversation with anyone. She is married to Derek, and both are living out their dream by living on Aru.

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